Jargon Buster for Sustainability Terms

The sustainability movement continues to grow and with this growth, a plethora of new sustainability terms are being used. If you would like some definitive explanations of these terms, you may like the Sustainability Jargon Buster from Edie.

Who are Edie?

Edie are a business media brand website that empowers sustainability, energy and environmental professionals of all levels to make business more sustainable by providing award-winning content and events. Their website has a huge volume of information about all matters relating to sustainability.

Comprehensive List of Sustainability Terms

This is an extremely comprehensive, alphabetical list of sustainable terms which is well-worth bookmarking for future reference.  See the List here.

Need Specific Advice from Dollard Packaging on Sustainability?

If you would like some specific help with understanding sustainability, we can advise you.

Demonstrating to your customers that your packaging is sustainable: For example, if you are a food manufacturer, we can help you demonstrate to your customers that your packaging is sustainable. For example, we can show you how our sustainable boards are traceable right back to the forest in which the tree grew. We can clarify what terms such as FSC-approved boards, cellulose window film versus fossil fuel-based window film, compostable, recyclable etc actually mean. We can explain what being members of Repak, Sedex actually mean.

Sustainable Claims: We can explain what claims you can and can’t make about the sustainability of your packaging that we have produced for you.

Sustainable Boards: We can also advise you about what type of board is suitable for your packaging, depending on the conditions in which it will be used e.g. freezer board for frozen products, moisture-barrier boards for foods with a high moisture/grease content etc

Contact us for a discussion about your sustainable packaging project on 01 847 0044 or sales@dollard-packaging.ie or read our blog on Sustainable Packaging – 8 Ways We can Help you | Dollard Packaging (dollard-packaging.ie)

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