Luxury Perfume Carton Wins Overall Award

This month we bring you the Carton of the Year in the 2019 ECMA (European Carton Manufacturers Association) Awards. The winners were featured on their website,

The overall winner was an extremely elaborate perfume carton, created for the Turkish cosmetics brand, Kadioglu Kozmetik.

perfume carton award winner

Target Market for the Perfume

The target market for the perfume was “young women who like bling”. This dictated the design of the carton which was designed by the Turkish carton manufacturer, Printpark. A spokesperson for Printpark said that the structure of the carton was designed to reflect the shape of a rhinestone.

Elaborate Design and Print Finishes

To achieve the maximum “bling” effect, the designers employed a variety of design and print finishes including;

perfume packaging with decorative finish

Outside the Carton

Decorative diamonte “jewels” applied to the carton

Metallic print

Partial textured varnish finishing

Embossed silver hot-foil printed logo

Inside the Carton

Metallic holographic finish.

pefume box with holograph

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