Luxury Skin Care Packaging Wins Gold Design Award.

Sapelo Skin Care Wins US Graphic Design Award

Sapelo carton front Sapelo carton and bottle inside of sapelo carton

The gorgeous cartons from the luxury, cosmetic brand, Sapleo were showcased in a recent article on the website. According to their website, the US Sapelo brand makes cosmetics that are from mainly natural ingredients and can rejuvenate the skin without causing injury to it.

Graphic Design Reflects the Natural Product

This natural characteristics of the cosmetics are reflected in the graphic design across their branding – including their cartons and website. Muted green, cream and gold shades are combined in the design of their cartons to create a soothing and pure image. The user is pleasantly surprised when the carton opens to reveal there is a floral design on it’s inside and evokes images of nature, , while containing the brand message.

The carton design was the result of a collaboration between the Sapelo team, headed by Cindy Edwards and Stephanie Duttenhaver, the designer Emily McCarthy, and the New York carton manufacturer, DISC Inc.

“An emblem of what luxury skin care packaging should look like.”

John Rebecchi of DISC Inc, says the Sapelo folding cartons are emblematic of what a luxury skin care brand package should look like.  He explains, “The carefully crafted graphics seemingly etched in gold against a pale green lacquered(varnished) background are framed with a gold border.” and   “In our view, the carton is a well-executed blend of refined beauty and pampered luxury.”

Graphic Design Gold Award

The carton was entered into the 54th annual American Graphic Design Awards and won the American Graphic Design Gold Award. This awards scheme received over 10,000 entries.

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