McDonald’s Replace Plastic Salad Bowls with Cartons

Getting businesses and consumers to adopt more sustainable practices could be compared to turning a ship i.e. it is a slow and sometimes a very difficult process. The news that McDonald’s have replaced their clear plastic salad bowls with a sustainable cardboard version of their bowls is surely a sign that this ship is beginning to show some significant progress in turning away from non-sustainable practices. 

In a recent article on the MM Karton website, there is a report on this shift by McDonald’s from the clear plastic salad bowls to using one of their cartonboards known as Browncolour.


Browncolour is a brown recycled Kraft carton board from MM Karton. This board is consistently brown on the top and reverse and projects a natural feeling that complements the healthy salad inside the box.

McDonalds plastic -free Salad carton

The moisture and grease barrier coating on the reverse side is made from organic and renewable ingredients which helps maintain the packaging stability and also protects against grease spots and discolouration. This colour carton board is also fully biodegradable.

In addition, this cartonboard is lighter than plastic and therefore has a lower transport weight which reduces emissions in logistics and reduces the overall carbon footprint.

It is estimated that this change to cartonboard will reduce the amount of plastic used by McDonald’s by 100 tonnes every year in the UK and Ireland alone.

McDonalds plastic -free salad packaging

Packaging awards

As a result of this innovation, McDonald’s have been nominated in the UK Packaging Awards in two categories “Innovation of the Year” and “Resource Efficient Pack of the Year”

McDonald’s are aiming to have all of their packaging fully sustainable by the year 2025. 

You can read the original article here.

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