New Plastic-Free Food Cartonboard

plastic-free carton board for food

As the demand for sustainable packaging increases across every industry, the suppliers of packaging raw materials continue to innovate to find new ways to make sustainable versions of materials that previously contained fossil-fuel-based elements.

A good example of this is the new board from the Finnish paper and board manufacturers, Metsä Board. Metsä Board produces premium fresh fibre paperboards including folding boxboards, food service boards and white kraftliners for the packaging industry.

New Plastic-Free Cartonboard

The new board is called MetsaBoard Prime FBB EB and has been designed for use with fresh, frozen and dry food. It provides a medium barrier against moisture and grease without using a plastic layer.

Benefits of the Plastic-Free Board

It is free of any fossil-fuel-based elements

It is easier to recycle in paper or paperboard streams

The lack of plastic also makes recycling more cost-efficient as plastic separation processes aren’t needed.

The board is free from optical brighteners and fluorochemicals making it ideal for use with food products.

What is MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB made from?

MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB is made of pure fresh fibres sourced from sustainably managed Northern European forests. It is available both with Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification or with Forest Stewardship Council certification.

Making Your Packaging More Sustainable

At Dollard Packaging, we can assist you in making your packaging more sustainable.  This can range from adapting your existing cartons or sleeves or changing from plastic to sustainable packaging. You can see more of our blogs on sustainable packaging here.

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