Norwegian Fruit Farm Changes Plastic Packaging to Cartons

The explosion of the sustainability movement is evidenced by the growing number of reports of producers and manufacturers across all industries abandoning plastic packaging in favour of carton board packaging.

In a recent report on the Procarton website, we read about how a Norwegian fruit and cereal producers, Austen Gard have changed from clear plastic boxes to a box made entirely from cartonboard which is fully sustainable.

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Norway fruit plastic packaging

Austen Gard was founded in 1934 and grows fruit and cereals. The owners were keen to find a sustainable alternative to plastic.

Their new packaging is in the form of a basket with handles for convenience. The carton board used is UT Tray Black from MM-Karton. The outer side of the board is a brown colour which reflects the natural fruit product (strawberries) it contains. The inner side of the board is black which forms an eye-catching contrast against the red strawberries.

sustainable strawberry carton

The UT Tray Black cartonboard is perfect for strawberry packaging because it is water-resistant and maintains it’s stable form even when the strawberries release moisture. Also, the strawberries are normally washed before being placed in the cartons which increases the need for the cartonboard to be water-resistant.

You can read the full article here.

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