Nutraceutical Packaging – Key Considerations

This is a summary of an article from JohnsByrne Packaging about key considerations when developing a packaging concept for nutraceuticals (a “nutraceutical” is a product that is a cross between a nutritional product and a pharmaceutical product.) Medical-grade anti-wrinkle topical creams or special-dietary supplements are two popular forms of nutraceuticals

The nutraceutical industry has seen rapid growth in recent years. Nutraceutical products are often the result of long-term research and possibly rigorous examination by the relevant authorities. Therefore these products can often command a higher price than similar cosmetic or food products.

The brand credibility of nutraceuticals can be more difficult to establish than for food or cosmetics brands as the efficacy of these products may be harder for the consumer to judge. Naturally, getting the packaging design right will help establish the brand’s credibility. The article’s author also points out that it is important to differentiate nutraceutical packaging from pharmaceutical packaging.

The article then discusses key considerations in the design of nutraceutical packaging.

Sales Location of your Nutraceutical Products

Nutraceuticals are typically sold in the following channels or locations: Dermatologists’ offices, Health clubs, Spas, Nutritional stores, Online stores and Health and natural food stores

The atmosphere cultivated in many of the above locations is one of serenity, relaxation and consumer well-being. Therefore, the packaging of your nutraceutical product should be in keeping with this atmosphere e.g. a brightly coloured carton with a “shouty” design style may not fit well on the shelves of a spa with an elegant reception area with tranquil music playing in the background.

Engage the Consumer’s Senses with Nutraceutical Packaging

The purpose of most nutraceutical product is to improve the health and/or overall well-being of the consumer. Therefore, it behoves a packaging designer to create a design that engages the consumer’s senses in a positive way. This can be achieved by the use of tactile elements and visually calming or soothing design.

Think Natural for Nutraceutical Carton Design

Think about what your nutraceutical product promises to do for the consumer. In many cases, the credibility of this promise will be largely related to the product’s ingredients. Therefore your packaging design should reflect this promise. For example, if your product claims to have no artificial ingredients and promises to be kind to your skin/body, then a simple packaging design with a pure and clean appeal will work well. Using sustainable packaging materials is good for the environment and will enhance your products natural appeal. Make sure that the consumer is aware that your packaging is sustainable.

Special Finishes on your Nutraceutical Carton

While the design of the nutraceutical carton may need to pure and earthy, it will still need to stand out from its competitors. Special finishes such as foiling, embossing/debossing and special coatings may provide this extra element. You can read more about the special finishes are available and how they can be used here.

Show off your Nutraceutical Product

For some products, a window (with or without a patch) can be an ideal way to show off the product itself. If the jar, tin or tube is an attractive design, it will be of benefit for the consumer to be able to see the product.

For window patch carton, Dollard Packaging can supply a plant-based, fully biodegradable film for the window patch. This means that the carton will be plastic-free. You can read more about the sustainable window patch here.

Help from Dollard Packaging

Please contact us if you would like advice on a packaging design concept for your nutraceutical product. Remember to start a discussion with us before you begin to get the carton design artwork created. This is because it is very important that the carton structure is agreed before the design is created. Contact us on 01-847 0044 or

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