One Colour Packaging Design

Using one colour only in your packaging design can be as effective as more elaborate 4, 5 or 6 colour options while costing less. Special finishes can be added to further enhance the look of the carton. In a post on the website, Jessica Deseo showcases 15 of their favourite monochrome designs. In this post, we have selected those the designs that use carton packaging and added some additional examples.

Dental Treatment Boxes: These dental treatment products use a simple white box with the words “Dr. Smile” in printed in plain black text with the boxes with related products following the same minimalist design. See it here

Deodorant Packaging: AKT is a London-based premium skincare label that have used one-colour packaging for their natural, plastic and cruelty-free deodorant balm. See it here.

Pizza Cartons: A Norwegian pizza company uses a pastel shade as a background with one colour with playful illustrations. See it here.

Perfume and Aromatherapy Packaging: A new brand identity and packaging for “therapeutic perfumer” Bodha resulted in a one colour, calming design combined with a special finish (blind embossing) and a tactile cartonboard. See it here.

Chocolate Bar Packaging: The Percentage Chocolate company have the ultimate in minimalist carton design, the only text on the front of their packaging is the country of origin yet the design effective is stunning and pleasing to the eye. See it here.

You can see more single colour designs in the original article here.