Organic Meat Producers New Sleeve Design

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A New Carton Design for Organic Meat Producers

This is an article from the Dieline blog about the design of sleeves for an award-winning, traditional, organic farm, Roam and Relish who decided to start selling charcuterie and needed a design that would reflect the premium quality and the attention to animal welfare. They asked Cornwall-based design company, Buddy Creative to create a brand identity and sleeve design. The name, Roam and Relish conveys the idea that the animals are free to roam in the fields as “liberated livestock” and the design of the sleeves has some very clever images. “The hind-quarters of happy animals disappearing off the front of each pack emphasises their freedom to wander”, says a Buddy Creative representative.
Other innovative design elements are the cultured typography connoting the craft of the curing process and the ampersand in the shape of a pig’s tail.

A die cut window on the sleeves allows consumers to see the meat products which further reassures the consumer of the meat’s high quality.

You can read the full article here.

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