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Choice Teas Packaging Re-design

If you are considering a packaging re design in 2017, you may find this article interesting. This article on the website covers the 2016 Package Design Makeover Challenge. This is a competition where both brand owners and design agencies enter. The design agencies are given the challenge of “making over” some existing packaging from a brand owner. In this case, the brand owner was US-based organic tea manufacturer, Granum Inc. for their brand, Choice Teas. The winner was Chicago-based design agency Damen Jackson
The article explain why and how the relationship between this brand owner and the design agency worked so well. Both parties were very pleased with the outcome and complimented each other’s working practices and commitment.

Below, we summarise key points of why this relationship worked so well which may be interest if you are in the process of looking for a design company to create a new package design or revamp an existing design in 2017.

Choice Teas new packaging

Choice Teas new packaging

India Nagy, Creative Director of Choice Teas made the following positive comments about the Damien Jackson design team.

In-depth questions
“They posed some very thorough in-depth questions, and they really took the time to care about what our brand is about,”

Took time to understand the challenge
“They really tried to understand the potential challenges of working with a heritage brand, such as ourselves, and how we want to continue to be relevant to the market, reach out to new customers but serve our very strong existing loyal customer base.”

Presented three options
“They presented the three options and gave us a good explanation of how they thought each design was capturing an attribute of the brand that they wanted to highlight. We gave them feedback about how we felt about whether that was being carried off or not.” (These three options were based on three hypothetical brand positioning statement that Damian Jackson had created as a starting point)
In turn, the design team at Damen Jackson outlined what it was that they found helpful in the way that their client worked.

Excellent briefing materials
“There was so much rich information we could use to start the project and develop as a design platform”

Great client engagement
“Our engagement and conversations (with India and the team of Choice Teas) was very, very useful in expanding those understandings. Our approach was to make this more than just a design exercise and really get to the heart of what the brand was all about and reflect that graphically as opposed to just creating a nice looking package, which is relatively easy to do.”

Clear expression of what was not wanted
The Choice Teas team also “did a great job expressing to us what you weren’t—noting that some of Choice Organic Teas’ competitors look pretentious, snobby or elitist, and Choice is none of those things.”

You can read the full article here