Packaging and Unboxing Videos

Packaging has become a more important part of the marketing mix due to the phenomenon of “unboxing videos” on social media

unboxing video

In an article by Robert Lockyer on the Packaging Digest website,  he discusses how packaging has become a more important part of the marketing mix due to the phenomenon of “unboxing videos” on social media.

What is an unboxing video?

 An unboxing video is a video that a consumer makes as they unpack a product that they ordered online. The video will usually include their commentary on the packaging and the product inside. They will then share this video with their followers or friends on their social media pages.

Implications of unboxing videos for your packaging design

The implication of unboxing videos for your packaging has to be considered alongside your social media marketing strategy. Whatever your product or service is, the greater the level of brand awareness that you can garner, the better it is for your sales. Many online businesses use “influencer” marketing to leverage the power of an unboxing video.

 Influencer marketing for most businesses means that they try to get their online products into the hands of an influencer ( a social media user who has a large following). Their hope is that the influencer will mention their product in a positive way on their online social media pages. This is expected to have a positive effect on sales as the followers of the influencer try out this recommended product or brand. 

An even better boost for your product would be if the influencer created an unboxing video while opening the package that contains your product.

What factors increase the likelihood that a consumer will create and share an unboxing video of your product and packaging?

Overall a beautiful packaging design will increase the likelihood that a video will be created and shared (especially on such social media channels as Instagram and YouTube) where the beauty of images and photos appear to be a key factor in gaining “engagement” (likes, shares, comments etc)

In the article by Robert Lockyer, he lists four things that will intensify the unboxing experience. Below we summarise this advice.


Find out what is the most popular or “in” colour at the moment among Instagram and YouTube influencers.  Check if you can incorporate this colour in your new packaging design. Recently the dusty pink colour known as “millennial pink” has been very popular among young influencers.

Another colour and style trend is a clean minimalist packaging design because this looks well on Instagram posts.

Witty and Inviting messages on the Packaging

Witty and inviting messages on the packaging create playful,  good-humoured and jokey tone. For example, some packaging designs announce the arrival of the product or create a personification of the packaging by using messages such as  “you’ve been expecting me…”. As humorous posts do very well on social media, these messages increase the likelihood of images or videos being shared. 


Personalization of packaging is not a new concept and it is just as successful when applied to e-commerce packaging. The author gives the examples of the Bare Minerals makeup brands that increased the range of its skin foundations so that the product felt more personal for individual users and also featured the purchaser’s name on the packaging.

Transparent ingredients and “clean” packaging design

The author recommends that the product’s ingredients should be shown on the product label if possible in order to be more transparent about the ingredients and also free up space on the packaging design. This will allow the packaging design to look cleaner and simple make for better social media images or videos.

The author concludes that the relationship between social media marketing and product packaging design is an important trend that packaging designers and brands should not ignore.