Packaging Buying – Read Dollard’s Top Tips

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At Dollard Packaging, we know that you’ve got a lot to do in running your business, and like every business, you’ll want to minimise your packaging costs while still getting the best quality packaging. We’ve been producing printed packaging since 1982 – that’s a lot of boxes and a lot of customers! We want you to get the best value – so we compiled a few tips below that will do just that.

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Ordering different sorts of packaging at the same time: If you need packaging for more than one product, try to order them at the same time, even if the quantities for each are different. We can check if it’s possible to reduce costs by printing the packaging on the same sheet or reduce the printing press “make-ready” times by running one job after another.

Talking to us before finalising your packaging artwork: Your graphic designer will design your packaging to look its best – that’s right and proper. However, talk to us before you finalise your artwork – sometimes a minor change to the format of the artwork will mean your packaging can be printed more cost-effectively and look exactly as you planned.
Explore different weights of the board: The weight of your packaging board must be fit for purpose – but don’t forget to check out slightly lighter boards that can reduce the cost of the board but your packaging is still fit for purpose.
Explore the type of board you are specifying: Different board types cost different amounts – if you’ve always used the same board, why not talk to us about different board types that may be cheaper but still fit for purpose.
Increase the order quantity to reduce the unit cost: Depending on your expected usage, your unit cost will decrease as you increase the quantity – talk to us about storage options if storage space for higher quantities is a problem for you.
Examine all the special finishes to see if all are necessary: Talk to us about any special finishes your graphic designer has specified – we may know ways to get the same effect in a more cost-effective way.
Explore different box or sleeve structures: Like the point above, talk to us about the design of your box or sleeve structure – we can look at any options available for achieving the same effect with a simpler structure.
Re-use the same design: If you re-use the same design with no changes when re-ordering your packaging, we’ll be able to re-use the printing plates and the cutting forme which means the cost will be less than the first printing.