Packaging Design Trends 2019

What Will Packaging Design Look Like in 2019?

Graphic Designer, Martis Lupus (from predicts the big trends in design in 2019.

1. Minimalism continues to be the dominant trend, as brands try to be more transparent and open with their consumers. The minimalist design strips away fussy design elements and allows one or two simple elements to shine through, such as a particular colour on the ingredients list.
2. Gradients. Gradients look good in digital format so this design trend continues to be very popular. It also allows designers to blend colours and the gradients will often become the main feature in packaging design in 2019.
3. Nude palette. Nude refers to not just one colour but a whole range of soft, calming colours, such as peach, rose, cream and chocolate shades. In the “shouty” world of the retail shelf, a packaging design that achieves a calming, “mindful” aura through the use nude shades may win out over more vibrant colours.
4. Flat Illustration. In keeping with the simple design trend, flat illustrations (as opposed to illustrations that appear 3 dimensional) are likely to be a trend in 2019. A design featuring flat illustrations give clarity and crispness.
5. Vintage Inspired designs. The retro look will continue to be very popular, especially for food and drink products.
6. Black and white packaging. A simple, black and white design can be so effective that this style will always be on trend.
7. Atypical package designs will always be a winner and the author shows examples of unusual package design or shapes. (At Dollard Packaging, we would add that a proviso that any new package design must be seen by your carton printer at the very early stage of design. This is to ensure that the structure of the carton or sleeve is a feasible structure that can be manufactured and used in a way that is fit for purpose. The same testing is required if your graphic designer plans to use an unusual board for your new carton or sleeve design – your carton printer must check the board to see if it is fit for purpose throughout the life-cycle of the product (including manufacture of the carton, packing of the carton, storage under relevant conditions and recycling).

You can read about the importance of creating a correct carton structure before you approve the new packaging design here.

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8. Pixelated design. The pixelated design re-creates the image of retro games console look. This appeals to consumers by creating nostalgia for a bygone era when life was simpler, technology was new, basic and didn’t permeate every aspect of our lives.
9. Plastic-free packaging. The author has placed plastic-free packaging as the 9th trend. However, as a packaging trend, this is surely the most important and the “trend” that will have the greatest impact on the environment. If your carton or sleeves designs include a plastic window film, talk to us at Dollard Packaging about using an eco-film in your carton or sleeve. This eco-film is compostable and made from plant-based materials, making your packaging fully sustainable.

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