Packaging Design Trends for 2024

What are design trends predicted for 2024? In this post, we  bring you a summary of an article by Daisy Ein on the Envato TutsPlus website about the trends for 2024. To see all the trends, check out the original article here.

Dollard Packaging Note: For all types of carton and sleeve packaging design, it is extremely important to plan and test the proposed Carton Structure before commencing any graphic design work for the packaging, regardless of any packaging design trend you may wish to follow. You can learn more about this important topic in our blog on Carton Structure.

1.  Clean, bold typography only


2. Highly contrasting design between surfaces


3. Colour Variation within a Product family continues to be a trend

4. Timeless, Elegant Minimalism


5. Bold Shapes and Bright Colours


6.  Wraparound Designs


7. Rustic Earthy Designs


8. Illustrative Elements Supplementing the Main Design


9. Retro Design continues to be a Trend


10. Playful Patterns


11. Sustainable materials


12. Using textured materials to convey a brand voice

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