Packaging Design Trends for 2023

What will be the dominant design trends in 2023? In this post, we show you a summary of the key trends, as predicted by graphic designers in an article on the 99Designs website. To see all the trends, check out the original article here.

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The designers from 99Designs have created this list of predicted packaging design trends for 2023.

1.  Illustrated Ingredients

Design by Fe Melo | 99designs

2. Tactile finishes – embossing, debossing, foil and die-cuts

Design by P R E M I U M — | 99designs

3. Wrap-around designs

Design by ADD778 | 99designs

4. Handwriting Typography

Design by Luz Viera Studio | 99designs

5. Mascot Variations

Design by Mila Katagarova | 99designs

6. Bright, flashy colours

Design by Sidaddict | 99designs

7. Cartoon Style

Design by Lung-Hao Chiang on Behance

8. Abstract, geometric product visuals

Design by Levro | 99designs

9. Sticker book look

Design by goopanic | 99designs

10. ’70s Vintage style

Design by Kamilla Oblakova | 99designs

Read the full, original article on the Packaging Trends here.