Paperboard Cup – Ground-breaking New Design

Lidloc – Paper Coffee Cup Design With Integrated Paper Lid

Lidloc - inoovative paper lid

As the worldwide movement towards more sustainable packaging gathers momentum, Metsa Board have unveiled a ground breaking new paper lid for disposable paper cups. Metsa Board are Finnish manufacturer of paper and cartonboard. Metsaboard launched the new, innovative design at the Packaging Innovations Exhibition held in Birmingham, England, on 1–2 March.

This revolutionary design may completely change the design of paper cups. The lid is an integrated part of the cup and is spill-proof.

Cyril Drouet is Metsä Board’s Design & Innovation Director and he has worked closely on this with his design team. He explained the benefits of this design: “We have designed this to be a one-piece construction that removes the need for a separate plastic lid. It is easy to fold and assemble with a secure lid-locking design. The integrated lid is spill proof and offers extra branding power as it can be printed as one piece with the rest of the cup. The lid also contains an integrated ‘sip’ mechanism for hot beverages as well as being ideal for cold drinks with a straw.”

This new design is a major step forward in the design of paper cups.  The report on the Metsaboard website does not discuss how much consumer testing has been done on the design so far. The lid shape is not a traditional round shape and at first glance, appears like it may be difficult to drink from. What do you think?

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