Personalised Packaging – Pros and Cons

Personalised Packaging

coke bottle with names

In an article by Nikki Gilliland on the econsultancy website, the pros and cons of personalised packaging are discussed. Many of us will recall the huge success of the personalised Coca-Cola bottles a few years ago, with some consumers buying bottles of Coke with their names on them even if they had no intention of consuming the contents. This personalised packaging was often preserved and displayed as a trophy item, especially by those with less common first names.

From a marketing perspective, the personalised packaging was a genius stroke (Coca Cola increased sales by 2.75% in the UK) but did the costs of producing this out weigh the benefits? This article looks at the benefits of personalisation but doesn’t touch on the topic of the extra production cost of manufacturing personalised packaging.

Also other brands are jumping on the personalised packaging bandwagon. (Both Marmite and Nutella have first names featured on the jars). While this has increased sales for Coca Cola, one could expect that other brands that copy this tactic will see a lesser increase in sales as the novelty factor of personalised packaging wears off.

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