Posh Pooch Poop Cartons!

Eye-catching Cartons for Dog Waste Bags

cute puppy

However cute your pet pooch is, cleaning up after them is nobody’s idea of fun. In an article on the Dieline website, the Canadian pet supplies company, Modern Kanine new cartons are shown. The new designs have revolutionised the “poop bag” market by creating an elegant and eye-catching carton design to contain their “dog poop bag” product. The design was created by Toronto based Studio Wulf who commented ““Modern Kanine offers a convenient and stylish way to pick up after your pet. We created a design that was differentiated and had standout impact as a new product being introduced to the market. We created a unique logo and visual system that created an easily recognizable visual vocabulary with impactful shelf presence. Custom dielines were designed for the boxes with a unique closure system that was quite different from the competition. Bright colours and clean geometry applied to all packaging”

You can see the original article here.

dog poo bag cartons

dog poo bags and cartons