ProCarton Award Winners 2021 – Food and Drink Packaging

ProCarton is the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard (ECMA) manufacturers. Every year ProCarton Awards runs the Carton Excellence Awards, with winners in different categories and an overall winner. Its main purpose is to promote the use of cartons and educate stakeholders about cartons.

In this post, we bring you a selection of the awards winners in the Food and Drink sector only. However, the awards are presented in the following categories:

  • Carton of the Year
  • Save the Planet
  • Innovation
  • General Packaging – Virgin Fibre
  • General Packaging – Recycled Fibre
  • Food and Drink Packaging – Virgin Fibre
  • Food and Drink Packaging – Recycled Fibre
  • Platinum award – 5 recipients
  • Gold Award – 6 recipients

You can view the entire list of Winners in every category here.

Bodegas Balsamic Gift Pack

Balsamic Vinegar carton

Category: Carton of the Year – overall winner

Features and Finish of the Carton

The case is composed of 4 pieces that self-lock when assembled and when opened they are arranged one inside the other to resemble a Spanish fan. Inside the pack, copper hot stamping decoration reflects the colour of the carnation flowers which are native to the city of Cordoba. There is embossing and matt black varnish on the outside of the pack.

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Fruit Basket

Fruit basket made from cardbaord Cardboard Fruit Basket Carton

Category: Food & Drink Packaging,  Recycled Fibre – Winner

Features and Finish of the Carton

This basket is for storing and transporting fruit. The fruit is displayed and the pack has air holes on the side. It is produced flat but can be erected very simply by hand.


This basket is a plastic-free, sustainable alternative to traditional plastic thermoform trays.

Bonduelle Bundle – That’s A Wrap

Carton sleeve for tins sustainable

Category: Platinum Awards  – Winner

Features and Finish of the Carton

The board used in this wrap is recycled and recyclable. The new design means that 30% less cartonboard is used (compared to the classic wrap-around pack) and 20% less ink. and enables the consumer to see more of the product. Integrated tongues top and bottom hold the cans in place and it features an easy-to-open perforation.


The Tomato Stall Punnet

Tomato packaging from cardboard

Category: Platinum Award Winner

Features and Finish

This tomato carton is 100% fibre-based and recyclable. It consists of an integrated hinged carton board pack with cut-outs. These cut-outs enable the consumer to see the product inside but are small enough so that the carton is still fit for purpose. The carton type is scalable for other fresh produce applications. The board used does not absorb moisture when stored in a fridge.

Note: If you need help in choosing the most suitable, sustainable board that is also fit for purpose for your product, check out our blog – How to Choose Board for your Carton or Sleeve  here or contact us on 01 -847 0044 or   

Tervete Beer

sustainable beer carton

Category: Platinum award

Features and Finish

This 6-cornered gift packaging uses sustainable material. It is eye-catching due to its unusual shape and visible Latvian beer and branded glass. The window design lets the consumer see the product and holds the contents securely. The 2-piece construction design reduces the amount of packaging weight. The push-in window acts as both divider and support. Hot foil and spot gloss UV varnish are used on the outside of the pack to resemble the beer.

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