ProCarton Award Winners 2021 – Cosmetic and Personal Care

ProCarton is the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard (ECMA) manufacturers. Every year the ECMA host the ProCarton Awards with winners in different categories and an overall winner. Its main purpose is to promote the use of cartons and cartonboard as widely as possible. A recent post on the ProCarton website showcased all winners. 

For the purposes of this post, we bring you photos and information about the awards winners in the Cosmetic and Personal Care sector only.

Procarton bestows the awards in the following categories:

  • Carton of the Year
  • Save the Planet
  • Innovation
  • General Packaging – Virgin Fibre
  • General Packaging – Recycled Fibre
  • Food and Drink Packaging – Virgin Fibre
  • Food and Drink Packaging – Recycled Fibre
  • Platinum award – 5 recipients
  • Gold Award – 6 recipients


Ger Coffer – Luxury face cream packaging

Ger Coffer - Luxury face cream packaging 2 Ger Coffer - Luxury face cream cartons 1Ger Coffer - Luxury cosmetic carton 3

Category: Winner of General Packaging – Virgin Fibre

Features and Finish of the Carton

Hexagonal carton and banded in a sleeve. The act of opening pushes the product forward. The finish uses gold foil to create the luxury feel and look.


All parts are made with carton board material – it contains no plastic.

Exentrique Facial Cleanser Carton

Exentrique cleanser cartons

Category: Gold award

Features and Finish of the Carton

The carton uses several folds which means that it doesn’t require any adhesive for secure fastening. The finish is soft touch and a gloss varnish is used.


All parts are made with carton board material – it contains no plastic or adhesive.

AquaFresh/Dr. Best Plastic-free Toothbrush Carton

toothbrush cartons - plastic free    toothbrush packaging

Category: General Packaging- recycled fibre

Features and Finish of the Carton

The Aquafresh/Dr.BEST toothbrush packaging is plastic-free and made from around 90% sustainably sourced and recyclable materials. The material combination of carton board, foils, inks and lacquers can still be used in an industrial blister packing process.


All parts are made with carton board material or plant-based clear film for the window. The cardboard is made from recycled, FSC-certified carton board. The window film uses only GMO-free, fast-growing plants from certified FSC or PEFC forests which means there is no need to separate the film from the rest of the packaging when recycling as it decomposes free from harmful substances.

At Dollard Packaging, we supply a plant-based film for window cartons so that all parts of your cartons can be sustainable. Read more about the Sustainable Window Film for Cartons here.

Heptagonal Make Up for the New Year Calendar Carton

make-up cartons

Category: Platinum award

Features and Finish

This heptagonal pack is made up of seven identical, linked triangles cases which contain seven makeup gifts. The carton can be displayed in a number of ways  –  it can be unfolded and shaped into a 7-petal pinwheel, a star and a caterpillar. This modular pack is designed with the same shape being copied seven times in order to simplify the folding and glueing processes and reduce machine preparation time making the pack less difficult and less costly to make.

Curodent Dental Hygiene Carton

Dental hygienie cartons

Category: Gold award

Features and Finish

The “CURODONT Sensitive” pack is a presentation box that displays the entire range of products in one place. The pack works by pulling up flaps on the lid which push up a cartonboard insert and all the products inside. The finish is a glossy UV varnish finish.


The entire construction is 100% cartonboard without the use of any other materials and the material is responsibly sourced.

Dental/Tooth Pick Cartons

Dental Stick cartons

Category: Gold award

Features and Finish

This toothpick carton made from virgin cartonboard, has a high-quality brown finish that is in keeping with the wooden material used in the toothpicks.  The pack is fastened with a paper label that is torn off to reveal a Z click opening mechanism.


Plastic was previously used for 40% of the pack – blisterfoil and card. In this new carton design, there is a euro hole suspension for display which saves space at the point of sale by enabling more products to be displayed in the same space.

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