Proof-reading your Packaging – Top Tips

Proof reading and signing off your packaging proof to make everything sure is ‘spot on’ can be a bit stressful! Read our top tips to reduce the stress and get it right.

Check List: Use the Dollard Packaging Proof Reading Check List to check all the important information

Reading a Packaging Proof – Top Tips

proof reading packaging -tips

  • Time Out: Take your time – proof reading is one job that cannot be rushed.
  • Phone a Friend: Ask a colleague to check the proof also – often a fresh pair of eyes will spot something you may have missed.
  • Loud and Clear: Read it aloud to another person.
  • Blank Space: Use a blank page to cover the parts you haven’t read yet and while keeping your finger under each word, read it one word at a time.
  • Early Bird: Proof read early in the day, if possible, when you’re not tired.
  • He’s Checking It Twice: Take a leaf out of Santa’s book – read the proof once and then, leave it aside for a while and check it again later before signing off.
  • Fine Print: Double-check small words, such as, “of”, “it”, “or” “in” as they are often mistakenly interchanged.
  • Colour: the colour of your proof may not exactly reproduce what the final printed packaging will look like as the proof will probably have been printed on paper on a laser/inkjet printer whereas your packaging will be printed on the specified cardboard and printed on a printing press. Talk to us if you have concerns about the colour of your packaging. You can read more here about Packaging Proofs in our blog.
  • Any questions: Don’t assume, always ask instead – if you’re not sure that something is correct, ask the relevant person. At Dollard Packaging, we’re always happy to help you clarify queries. Mistakes on a signed-off proof can be sometimes necessitate reprinting which is a cost and waste that neither you nor Dollard Packaging wants to happen.
  • Tool up: Online proof tools can be helpful if you don’t have the time or skills to proof-read properly. Some websites such as use human proofreaders
  • Old School: Proof-reading courses are available online if you need proof-reading training.

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