Sauce on your spiders, Sir?


Insects as Edible Food could help looming Food Shortage Crisis

An article in the New Food magazine reports that food growers and manufacturers are coming up with unusual ways to deal with the looming world food shortage. Limited land availability and adverse weather conditions are restricting the cultivation of crops. At the same time, food consumption levels are rising. Enter the humble insect to the rescue. Insects are the one of the most populous species on the planet, which means that there will never be shortage of supply.

Entomophagy (the consumption of insects are edible food), is commonly practised in China and other Southeast Asian countries. Now other parts of the world are developing an interest in consuming edible bugs.

This is helped by the fact that some insects, such as crickets, are high in protein and some online e-commerce sites, such as Amazon have seen the sale of food containing insects, such as cricket protein bars and chocolate chip cookies increase.

Investment in companies that produce food using insect based ingredients has been rising.

Read the original article in the New Food magazine here