Simple and Stunning Chewing Gum Cartons

The new carton design of the True Gum company is simple yet stunning. We have all heard of the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle and the idea that a simple concept or design trumps an intricate or complex one. The new carton design for True Gum is a case in point. True Gum is a Danish company making compostable, biodegradable and organic Danish chewing gum. It is free from aspartame, plastic and other artificial ingredients. 

While True Gum was founded in 2017, it has already updated its packaging design from this carton design shown below. 

New Carton Design for the Chewing Gum

The design of the front of the carton features only the brand name, the flavour and 2 short sentences “100% natural” and “ Made in Copenhagen” and a simple illustration of the main flavour.

Below are photos of the carton for 3 flavours which all complement each other as well as being easily distinguishable from each other. The designs work well on so many key elements namely:

– The designs reflect the pure, natural product
– The designs are very well suited to posts on social media platforms, such as Instagram where the company already has 10,000 followers. This will, in turn, lend itself to followers creating “unboxing videos” about the brand. You may be interested in reading more about the important role that packaging plays in the generation of social media “unboxing videos”
– The cartons are fully sustainable.



You can see more about True Gum on their website