Skincare Packaging Design Trends

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This is a very interesting article by the Irish design and branding agency, AKGraphics. The author discusses 9 key trends in skincare packaging and looks at some of the reasons for these trends. It is well worth a read for anyone in the growing* cosmetics/skincare industry. Below we summarise and discuss the key points of the article.

Sustainable Skincare Packaging

Although every industry is constantly evolving, very few trends in recent years have had such a massive effect on the packaging industry as the global #singleuseplastics and #uselesspastic movements. These movements have created a demand by consumers to see brands use more sustainable packaging materials and reduce their use of single-use plastic packaging.

The author gives examples and shows images of how two brands, Lush Cosmetics and Ethique have adapted their packaging in light of this trend.

Customised Packaging Labels

The author cites the Google 2017 Beauty Trend Report which reports that personalised or customised labels/packaging is on the rise as consumers enjoy a more customised, non-generic experience. The Wondermins vitamin company is given as an example of how a business can customise packaging for the benefit of the customer.

Men’s Cosmetics

The rise in interest from men in cosmetics is a great opportunity for anyone selling cosmetics. The article gives some insights into the type of packaging design that is appropriate for men’s cosmetic packaging.


As consumers, we are being continually bombarded with more and more information – through our ever-present mobile devices, TV, radio and on the packaging of products. Skincare packaging design has reacted to this information overload by creating minimalist designs that are more effective than a design crammed with information. The article shows examples of minimalist skincare designs.


Similar to the trend towards minimalism, the trends towards the use of more pastel shades help the consumer have a more “calming packaging experience”. The author explains the trend as follows: “customers are eased into it rather than being rushed – exactly what they want when browsing skincare labels.”


The article show images of skincare packaging where “doodles” are a focal point of the design. As the above trends, this trend may be popular as the doodles are fun and may remind the consumer of childhood.

Big Text

The author explains where and when big text can work well on skincare packaging.


The article shows images of some very attractive packaging that features a vintage design. It explains how vintage design can create a perception in the consumer’s mind that the brand/product has is a long-established, reliable brand.


This is the final trend discussed and the author discusses how it can enhance a packaging design.

You can read the full article here.

*The cosmetics industry in Ireland is estimated to be worth €103.91m in 2019. (Source: and is expected to continue to grow.