Snack Pack Trends

In this article, we summarise a post from the Packaging Innovation website which discusses 3 trends in snack packaging. We have added a fourth trend regarding sustainability.

Pure Ingredients, Clean Label

As more and more consumers demand pure food, food manufacturers are getting rid of artificial ingredients and striving to use only natural ingredients. This has resulted in a trend towards a “clean label” .i.e. a label that emphasizes the purity of the ingredients and uses words like ‘natural, pure” and “free from”. Many manufacturers are no longer calling E numbers ingredients by their E name. Instead, they are using the name of the ingredient.

Individually Packaged Portions for food “on the go”

As the trend for eating food “on the go” continues, consumers are increasingly looking for snacks that are suitable for eating “on-the-go” i.e. multipacks with individually wrapped snacks. Similarly, consumers are buying more from brands who offer mini versions of the main product.

Reclosable Packaging for food “on-the-go”

Snacks that are easy to transport and easy to keep fresh while travelling is another trend that goes hand in hand with the above trend for individual portions. Therefore packaging that provides a sturdy, reliable closing mechanism will be popular with consumers.

Sustainable Packaging

No article on trends in the packaging industry is complete without a mention of sustainability. Since images of whales with stomachs full of plastic waste appeared on our screens in the hugely popular Blue Planet TV programme,  the trend towards reducing or eliminating plastic has become the biggest and most important trend of all.

Snack food manufacturers who change to sustainable packaging and ensure that their consumers are aware of this move to sustainable packaging are surely going to outperform their competitors who ignore this trend.

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