Sophisticated, Elegant Carton for Luxury Italian Perfume

This is an article from Sappi Paper about a perfume carton that was designed for the famous Italian fashion brand, Salvatore Ferragamo. Salvatore Ferragamo is an Italian luxury goods company, with headquarters in Florence, Italy. It specializes in shoes, leather goods, Swiss-made timepieces, fragrances and ready-to-wear for men and women. It is known as the “shoemaker to the stars”
This article describes the beautiful finish on the carton, the design thinking and process and the carton board used in the box.

A Case Study in Excellent Carton Design

As well as being a showcase for a beautiful carton, this article is also an excellent case study of a properly executed carton design and manufacture project. The reason for this is three-fold:

-The structure of the carton was agreed upon and tested before the graphic design was finalised.

-All key elements of the carton were thoroughly tested prior to production.

-Excellent communication and collaboration were maintained between all the parties.

Description of the Carton

The article begins by describing this carton as “packaging that oozes elegance and sophistication”. It describes the board, print and finishes on the carton: flawless white (board), trails of embossed details in stunning silver, an attractive glacial motif on the box, a rainbow holographic finish and its interior in a surprising pale pink – the same pale pink as the bottle’s contents. The box’s design has a cascade of small prisms which flow around it’s sides, which reflect the light.

 Amo fragrance carton

Collaboration between Ferragamo and Suppliers

The entire design process was a success due to the close collaboration between Ferragamo and key suppliers – Italian carton manufacturer Industrialbox, paper and board supplier, Sappi Paper and Plastic Stratosfera, who laminated the holographic film. Ferragamo and Industrialbox have worked together to create cartons for many of Ferragamo’s other perfumes, including the Signorina, Emozione and the exclusive Tuscan Soul line of fragrances.

inside of the Amo fragance carton

The Carton Design Process

The article describes the carton design process in detail. Below we have summarised the key steps. All of the steps are there to ensure the packaging fulfils it’s purpose as explained by the president of Industrialbox, Carlo Gregori: “Packaging’s purpose is to enclose and showcase the product, convey key branding messages and keep the contents intact”

  • Ferragamo team send their ideas and creative suggestions for packaging to Industrialbox.
  • IndustrialBox team look at the primary packaging i.e. the glass perfume bottle and work out the most suitable structural design for the packaging. Shipping tests and other stress tests are applied to the proposed carton structure.
  • The agreed carton structure file is sent to Ferragamo who add the proposed graphic design to the file and return the file to Industrialbox.

Technical Testing of the Carton

  • The proposed board, printing and finishes were then tested.

One of the key elements to test was the board which had to be flawlessly white, be elastic enough to support the pointed prism detail and also be resistance enough to withstand the several processes to which it would be subjected. The Algro Design paperboard by Sappi paper was chosen as it met the technical and colour requirements.

Production of the Carton

After approval by Ferragamo, the production process began, consisting of the following steps:

  • The board was printed with UV offset technology
  • The process of cold lamination was carried out by Plastic Stratosfera with a special holographic film produced in the US.
  • The board was printed again to ensure the perfect opacity of the black font.
  • Next, the prisms in relief were created in register, through debossing.
  • The board was die-cut, folded and glued.

You can read the original article here.

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