Stunning Gift Carton

Serious Studio, a Manila-based creative design agency wanted to create a stand-out holiday gift for its customers around the world. As an agency, they wanted to showcase their talents and create a gift that was in keeping with their ethos of “Make Sense and Look Good”. According to the agency, they wanted to  “show our full creative capacity across different materials and products. It was an uncompromised space for creativity and quality”

gift packaging 1

In this post, we bring you some photos of the gifts and their stunning carton.

They decided on a tin of hot chocolate and added some cool accessories – two stout mugs, a stirring spoon, hot chocolate mix in a tin, and a recipe –  all encased in stunning multi-part packaging.

The informal, “homemade-style” design uses rose gold and black colours and it captures the mood of a cosy, winter-time, fireside gift perfectly.

All the elements of the gift pack – the chocolate, the pottery mugs etc were locally sourced in the Philippines.

The gift and packaging went down very well with their clients: “We got a lot of messages from clients about how much they loved not only the hot chocolate but the box itself. We liked that the packaging and the tin could be recycled after use because it hurts to throw gifts or their packaging away.”