Sustainability drives Sales

July 2016 -sales graph

Do consumers buy more from companies they perceive as “green” or sustainable in any way, including whether or not your packaging is compostable/recycled? Yes, according to a new research!

This research was carried out by Serviceplan Corporate Reputation communication agency in conjunction with Biesalski & Company management consultancy. Over 8,100 buyers and customers from 104 companies in 16 industry sectors were surveyed for this research. The objective was to show how brands could increase their sales through sustainability, because consumers may prefer to choose a brand of product that they perceive is more sustainable in some way than a similar competing brand. This sustainability could simply be that the packaging is made from recycled cartonboard or that the packaging originates from a renewable forest source.

Procarton interviewed Serviceplan’s Joachim Schopfer to discuss the findings. You can read the full interview in the link at the end of this post.


The report concludes that being perceived by your target audience as being an environmentally conscious company can help to increase your sales. However, you must communicate to your consumers or target market how you are being sustainable – for example, if you can verify from your carton supplier that your cartons or sleeves are produced from a renewable source or that your cartonboard is a recycled board etc. According to the research, consumers are more likely to choose a brand that makes them feel they are meeting their ideals of purchasing sustainable products.

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Read the full interview here

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