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L’Oreal Commits to Sustainability

The cosmetics giant, L’Oreal have committed to improving the sustainability of all their products. This program is known as the “Sharing Beauty with All” plan and it is one of L’Oreal’s corporate and social responsibility commitments.

The Sustainable Packaging Initiative for CosmEtics (SPICE)

A key part of the above plan is to improve the sustainability of the packaging of cosmetics. As a result, a new initiative, known as SPICE was created. The Group Global Director of Sustainable Packaging & Development of L’Oréal (France), Philippe Bonningue was interviewed by the Sustainability in Packaging website to explain and discuss SPICE

Method to Assess the Eco Footprint of Cosmetics

He began by explaining that L’Oreal believes that they have a responsibility to bring sustainable solutions and services to the consumer. For this to happen, a shared, common methodology was necessary within the cosmetics industry. The purpose of this methodology would be to assess the environmental footprint of cosmetics packaging. This method would also help consumers in their ‘responsible’ behaviours, their awareness, their consumption of cosmetics.

The Sustainable Product Optimization Tool (SPOT)

L’Oreal partnered with a French company, Quantis and EY to create a method and tool to optimise the sustainability of cosmetic packaging. This tool is known as SPOT and it assesses the environmental footprint of the cosmetic packaging and informs the consumer about the sustainability of the packaging.

Quantis are an international business that guides top organizations to define, shape and implement intelligent environmental sustainability solutions.

Co-operation On Packaging Sustainability between Competitors

Monsieur Bonningue explains that bringing about sustainability in the cosmetics industry will require co-operation and sharing between market rivals. He states “To drive the industry forward, it is necessary to co-build the methodologies that will bring clarity and benefits to the consumer. This is the purpose of SPICE, and this will require a level of sharing and openness never reached before, in this very competitive market. But this is needed, for the consumer, as for the planet” and “This is why it is important to have the whole industry, all along the value chain, be part of the great vision for sustainability. Being together will help reach benefits from the scale effect.”

Corporate members of SPICE include Clarins, Avon, L’Occitane, Estee Lauder among others.

Future Changes in Packaging Sustainability

Monsieur Bonningue expects the most significant change in packaging sustainability will be an increased consciousness of the need for a real circular economy in order to help deal with waste and preserve natural resources.

You can read the full interview here. 

Help with Creating More Sustainable Cartons for your Products

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