Tea Carton with 8 Clever Features

In an article in www.packagingdigest.com, Rick Lingle discusses 8 simple but very clever packaging design features* that he noticed on his wife’s ecommerce order of cartons of Bigelow Red Raspberry Tea. We have summarised these features below and provided a link to the full article at the end.

(*You need to ensure that you are in compliance with EU Food Safety Labelling Legislation and Food Safety Authority of Ireland Labelling Requirements before you approve your packaging design.)

Bigelow Tea Carton front

Charming  Carton Design

Lingle notes that what first caught his eye was the charming graphic design and the inviting colour scheme, but it was on closer inspection that he observed the following other features.

Custom-shaped Bar Code on the Carton

Rather than using a standard bar code style, Bigelow’s have used a raspberry-shaped barcode to create some additional “branding” or ways for a customer to remember the Bigelow brand

Bigelow Tea Carton - Custom Bar Code

Personalised Pack Information on Carton

As can be seen in the image below, the standard packing information is personalised  with “Tea packed by Dominique E.” The author likes this personal touch as it is a step above “packed by operator 31” or similar wording. He comments that he can’t imagine that the cartons are hand-packed, so for now, he assumes that Dominique was the carton machine operator for the shift.

perosnalised packing info on carton

Best Before Date

* In another small touch that creates a pleasant ambience around using the tea, the typical words “Best Before” or “Use By” are replaced with “Best Enjoyed By”

Best before date on carton

Enhanced Sustainable Packaging Information

We have all become accustomed to seeing the reduce, reuse, recycle symbol on packaging to the point where we almost don’t notice it. Bigelow have enhanced this message so it stands out from the standard information by the adding a few touches as Lingle describes “The sustainable packaging statement that the company makes, also found on the carton bottom adjacent to the raspberry barcode, strikes just the right note.

In addition to the almost-required generic chasing arrow symbol, it adds a gold heart to state visually “We [heart] Recycling.” The gold ink used for the heart matches the gold that appears in the Bigelow name and several other places on the carton. The accompanying copy states “Our boxes, tea bags, strings and tags are 100% biodegradable and we encourage you to do your part. Thanks!” That’s truly encouraging messaging.”

Bigelow carton sustainable info


To let customers know how little caffeine is in their tea, Bigelow have used a clever graphic (See Below). This is far more effective that a small line of text that is likely to be hard to find on the carton

Graphic Design Element

The author also liked the design part where a printed tea bag along the bottom of the reclosable flap on the carton bottom aligns perfectly with the image that appears beneath on the carton. He comments “It also plays perfectly off the copy printed above, “Unlock the freshness,” accompanied by a key that’s printed in that same gold colour noted earlier. This particular style of reclosure was an improvement over the perforated zipper tab used previously.”

Company History on Carton

The company history is printed on the top panel and is told by David Bigelow. This uses story-telling to draw customers in because as consumers we always have an interest in the human story.

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