The Power of Soap Packaging

While COVID19 has had a negative effect on the sales of many consumer products, the humble bar of soap has seen sales soar by 300%  as public health information has made everyone highly aware of the need to wash our hands thoroughly and frequently in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Power of Soap Packaging

It is well recognised that a product’s packaging can affect consumers decision making while visiting a retail store. The packaging acts as the “salesperson” for the product inside, catching the consumers’ attention as they browse the retail aisles.

This is especially true in the case of soap packaging. It is generally accepted that nobody would consider giving a bar of soap in plain, utilitarian-style packaging as a gift such as shown below.

Dove soap carton

However, a simple bar can be transformed into a product that is acceptable to give as a gift when it is in an attractive, evocative carton. This may also allow the soap product to be sold for a higher retail price as it may be perceived to be a higher quality product or a luxury product. Research into consumer perceptions and behaviours show their perception of whether a product is a “standard” or luxury product¬†will be greatly affected by the quality and attractiveness of the packaging.

Below we show examples of beautiful soap packaging designs.