Tooth Repair Carton Wins ECMA General Packaging Award


This month we bring you the carton which won the 2019 ECMA General Packaging – Virgin Fibre Award. The ECMA is the European Carton Manufacturers Association.

The winning entry was the Curodont Repair Fluoride carton which is owned by the Credentis brand. The contents were applicators for the regenerative treatment of initial tooth defects.

Structure of the Carton

hexagonal printed carton


The structure of the carton is innovative and it allows the contents to be removed easily. The judges felt that the hexagon construction was eye-catching and when seen from above, it’s unusual shape resembles a tooth.

The flap enables simplified filling of the applicators into the carton.

The double-sided wall gives the pack strength and stability. After opening, the “feet” on the pack gives additional stability.

Carton Closing Mechanism

hexagonal carton


The individual panels of the carton lock into each other to close and altogether forms a robust carton.

Printing on the Inside of the Carton

hexagonal printed carton

As the inside of the carton was printed with the required information and the Curodont branding, there was no need to include separate leaflets.


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