Toy Manufacturer Creates Frustration-Free Packaging

As we approach Christmas and look forward to the annual visit of the most generous guy in the world, aka Santa, we may experience some “wrap rage”, as we try to wrest a toy out of plastic clamshell packaging and wire ties. Our “wrap rage” may increase further as we try to shove the excess of packaging into our already over-flowing green recycling bin.

frustration free toy packaging

One toy manufacturer has decided to tackle the twin problems of packaging waste and “wrap rage”. In this article, we look at a collaboration between Hasbro, Inc. and the e-commerce giant, Amazon to reduce toy packaging waste and to create toy packaging that is easy to open, use and recycle. This collaboration was featured in a post on the Amazon website.

(Hasbro is an American brand that is one of the largest toy and game manufacturers in the world.)

Frustration-Free Packaging

Amazon approached Hasbro as part of its Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) programme and discussed how the shopping journey is changing. Hasbro realised that it no longer made sense to have the same packaging for the toys that were sold from retail shelves and the toys that were sold online.

Hasbro’s packaging engineers admitted that this change is a huge challenge in the world of packaging design.

Package Opening Time Reduced to 14 Seconds

The result of the collaboration has been very successful and can be seen in the new online packaging for the popular “Baby Alive” toy.  The post on the Amazon website features a video which compares the old packaging for the Baby Alive toy with the new one. In a test, the old packaging, (which included a carton, a laminated corrugated inner carton, plastic and wire ties) took 3.5 minutes to open whereas the new frustration-free packaging took only 14 seconds to open and contains only cardboard packaging and one tie.

Package Waste and Size Reduction

As part of  Amazon’s FFP programme, manufacturers are incentivised to package their products in such a way that no outer shipping box is required.

As a result of these changes, both the amount of material used and the overall size of the toy’s packaging has been reduced by over 50%.

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