Training for SMEs Affected by COVID-19

As a result of the massive disruption to Irish business since the COVID-19 pandemic, many organisations are offering free or heavily-discounted training virtually. This is a great opportunity for SMEs to access useful training while staying at home.

Below we have links to some of the free/heavily-discounted training that is now available for Irish businesses. The aim of the training is to help Irish SMEs deal with the myriad of unforeseen issues that have arisen since the COVID-19 lockdown and temporary closures. Topics covered include HR, Marketing, Cash Flow, etc  Note: this is not a complete list of the training available

Free or Discounted Training

These webinars are available from organisations such as ISME, SFA and the Local Enterprise Offices. Some of these organisations are offering their training webinars to everyone for free or for a small sum. Also, some training is offered regardless of whether you are a member or not and regardless of your location.

Training is Suitable for Employees Working From Home

These training courses are usually delivered via video conferencing tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. An email with a login link is sent before the training starts but you can join the training at any time.

Option to Turn Off the Camera and Microphone

While these sessions are delivered by video conferencing, you have the option of keeping your microphone muted and your camera turned off so that you can’t be seen or heard but you can see still see and hear the full presentation. This is especially suitable for anyone who is working from home and may have children or noisy pets who may want attention during the webinar/training session.

Q & A

Many webinars offer the opportunity to submit your questions in advance or type a question into a chat window during the live webinar. The questions will be answered by the host during or at the end of the session.

Recording of the Training

Best of all, in many cases, you will receive a link in the days following the training with a full recording of the session, even if you were unable to attend the live session.



Some past webinar information is available as a blog on the ISME website.

Topics include:

How to Host a Webinar  29th May 
 How to Make Your Business Stand Out On Instagram 3rd June  
Overcoming the Language Barrier When Exporting to the EU  9th June 
Facebook for Business in a Time of Change  10th June 
 Avoiding Cultural Mishaps When Exporting to the EU 11th June 





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