Turkey and Geese Producers – Register for Christmas

turkeys and geese


Who Needs to Register?

All small poultry producers – small scale poultry processors are classified as those who slaughter their own birds (less than 1,000 in any given week or less than 10,000 per year) and whose poultry is supplied or offered for sale within a 100km radius of the farm.  The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) encouraged all these producers to register with their Local Authority’s Veterinary Services. “All small food producers who slaughter and sell small quantities of poultry on-farm for supply to farmers markets, local retail outlets or directly to consumers need to register with their local authority veterinary department”, according to Dr Pamela Byrne, Chief Executive of FSAI.


The FSAI stated that to ensure traceability and protect consumer health, all producers who slaughter and sell small quantities of poultry on-farm at Christmas, or any time of the year, are legally obliged to register before placing these products on the market.

The FSAI also said that rearing a few turkeys or geese for Christmas has been a traditional on-farm enterprise for generations in Ireland and this practice will continue. Small producers registering with their local authority will aid traceability, if required, in the interest of consumer health.

How much will it cost?

Registration is free and it is an “easy process” according to Dr. Pamela Byrne.


The FSAI have freely available specific guidelines to assist small producers ensure they provide their customers with safe poultry.

Guidance for On-farm Poultry Slaughter

More information on FSAI website here