Water Used in Cartonboard Production – Infographic

Cartonboard Production and Water Use Infographic

This excellent infographic from www.procarton.com shows how water is used in the production of cartonboard (the cardboard on which we print your cartons or sleeves) . The good news for users of cartonboard packaging that it is currently the most sustainable form of packaging available. This infographic shows us that 92% of the water used in cartonboard production is returned to the environment and how the water is treated prior to being returned.

At Dollard Packaging, we can help you look at all methods to make your packaging even more sustainable thereby further reducing your packaging’s carbon footprint. We can also give you the correct information about the source of the board used in your packaging so that you can feature this information in your packaging design.
In a previous blog article, we looked at a study that found that putting information on your carton or sleeve about the sustainability of your packaging has been shown to increase sales. See the full article here.

Water use in carton board production

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