Weight Watchers’ New Brand and Packaging

An article on the www.healthcarepackaging.com website reports that the Weight Watchers company announced in September 2018 that it was rebranding the company. The purpose of the rebrand was to reflect a shift in focus from weight loss to overall health and wellness. Weight Watchers is a global brand that was founded in the US in 1963 by New York housewife, Jean Nidetch.

Name Change to WW

This rebrand included a name change from “Weight Watchers” to “WW” and a design change to all the packaging of the brand’s food and related products.

New Packaging Design Depicts Food in a Vibrant and Energetic Light

The New York design and branding agency, Pearlfisher, led the eight-month global packaging redesign for WW as part of a global inter-agency team.  Pearlfisher’ s Strategy Director, Lauren Koprowski had the following comment about the direction of the rebrand: “Healthy food is colourful, not bland. Food is part of a rich, energetic, vibrant and deeply satisfying life – and the WW brand needed to make you feel the same way” and “Crucially, the visual messaging needed to truly inspire people, not be preachy. This led to the big idea and new visual positioning; ‘Full of life’ – cementing WW as full of flavour, full of real ingredients, full of support.”

Images of New WW Packaging

Below are pictures of the old and new WW packaging.

weight watchers new packaging 1

You can read the full article here.